At Weibel chiropractic a thorough assessment and gentle joint subluxation corrections are always accompanied or achieved by a great degree of muscle reconditioning. The comprehensive approach will focus on determining possible muscle compensation patterns in the area of complaint.

For example, many of us spend a great deal of our days sitting down. Due to that some muscles such as the gluteus maximus become weak and not up for the job they are required to do.  Other muscles then start compensating. Pain is often found in an overworked muscle.

We’ll do our best to find the patterns responsible for your symptoms and retrain your body to recognize and correct the out-of-balance pattern. 

Visits description:

Advanced Muscle Reconditioning provides, like Dr. Bronk says, "the holy grail, the entire purpose of orthopedic-neurological examination, which is to re-create the familiar pain the patient has been suffering”. No time is wasted. As we apply the technique we put you in touch with what muscles are involved and YOU let us know. There’s no use of us, the practitioners, trying to pretend that we know better than you. 

The first session lasts approximately 1.5 hours. 

You, the patient, determines the length of the successive sessions. We work at your pace until all musculoskeletal symptoms are gone. Most people choose 1-hour long session, however those can be as short as .5 hours or as long as 2.5 hours. 

What to expect from visit:

The path to healing often requires hard work and persistence. At Weibel chiropractic you and the practitioner are a team. The results are earned and discomfort from treatments such as soreness can be expected. If you’ve had your share of epidurals, steroid shots and have been on chronic pain medication for a while, the damage done to the connective tissue from those may interfere with the healing process at first, but not permanently if we’re persistent with care. Advanced Muscle Reconditioning is never contraindicated as we can’t cause further spasm in the muscle being worked on and we always work to your tolerance. The precise fingertip technique is applied in one direction only, over very specific areas. The prescribed and tailored to you exercises are not overly time-consuming and easier to comply with than most other programs.