Dear Alex,

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the in-measurable support, guidance and treatment you have provided me.  I was in a health crisis and if I would have stayed exclusively with western medicine, I would have most likely ended up taking multiple medications, deteriorated in health, mind and spirit and have an extremely low quality of life.  Through your guidance, I lost up to 55 pounds in weight, lowered my cholesterol and stabilized my blood sugar just to highlight some of the major benefits of your methodology and philosophy.

Thank you for showing me a different path to health and vitality!

Deepest gratitude,                                                                                                                          

Melonie Duarte                                                                                                                               

Healthcare Professional

If you have chronic pain, I highly recommend Alex Weibel. She practices a technique called Advanced Muscle Reconditioning (AMR). AMR is a form of targeted massage that loosens muscles that are clumped and tightened to the degree that they cause pain. 

I went to her for treatment for what I was told was untreatable arthritic pain from a bump on the top of my left foot that I injured about three years ago. Recently the pain was becoming increasingly debilitative and I was having problems walking. The top of my foot was so painful that any amount of pressure was difficult, even light touch. Other medical practitioners had told me that there wasn’t anything that could be done and that I should just take pain medication and buy shoes that didn’t touch the top of my foot. I took the tongue out of my tennis shoes. 

Then I went to see Alex. She fixed my foot within a few treatments. I bought new tennis shoes, left the tongues in place and I am certain that I could not have walked the miles of cobblestone paths of my recent trip to Europe without her treatments. 
Since she was so successful with my foot, I had her work on my neck, which was chronically stiff. She fixed that with one treatment. 
I am now having her work on my knees, which I have been told the pain is caused by arthritis. Alex has told me that the pain is probably from the surrounding muscles, not from the arthritis. 
I convinced my husband, who is skeptical of medical treatments in general, to see Alex for his sporadic and chronic lower back and hip pain. He is also impressed with her technique and results from his treatment. 
So, truly, if you have any type of chronic pain, I highly recommend you contact Alex for a consultation. She is a chiropractor and Marinwood neighbor. Her office is in Lucas Valley. Her number is 472-1700. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

BTW-I forgot to mention that Alex's treatments are intended to send you on your way after the pain is managed. AMR doesn't require ongoing treatments and costs, as is some times the case withchiropractic treatments. Further, the massage itself is gentle and induces no pain (the point is to get the muscles to relax). Both of these were important factors for me, as I wasn't interested in something that involved pulling or jerking my tender joints or would increase my ongoing medical expenses long term.

Also, I put up this posting only because I have come to appreciate Alex's work, her earnest desire to really help those in pain and most importantly, her results. I am not professionally affiliated with her in any way. This is coming from a happy customer.      

K. M. 

I had pretty bad lower back pain as a result of a surfing accident. Getting up from a sitting position was excruciating. I knew it was all just muscles because they did very thorough X-rays following the accident. Something had to be done. Weibel Chiropractic offers a unique massage technique, Advanced Muscle Reconditioning, that sounded intriguing so I thought I give it a try. Alex worked on my back for a few 60 or 90 minute sessions and what a difference they made!  The stiffness has progressively dissipated and the pain is gone. It is funny because session are painful, the technique actually wants patients to direct the practitioner to the most painful areas, but the results are worth it! If you have persistent  pain, stiffness then I highly recommend Weibel Chiropractic. They deliver lasting relief!

Albert Szilvasy

I was referred to Dr. Alex by my regular chiropractor after suffering from ongoing pain for six weeks caused by an injury involving the deep gluteal muscles on my left side, but primarily the Piriformis. This pain severely restricted my capacity for sustained walking and standing, and had not diminished at all over the previous six weeks.
After her thorough history taking and assessment, Dr. Alex treated me with a manual deep muscle technique, followed by a cold laser treatment. She then demonstrated a home treatment combination of deep muscle stimulation/exercise to be done twice a day. Each treatment took about seven minutes. On the fourth day after my appointment, I was virtually pain free at the injury site, experiencing only an occasional twinge with certain movements. By day ten, I was pain free.

Before beginning my treatment, Dr. Alex did a series of X-rays ordered by my primary care provider to determine if a fracture or avulsion was causing my pain. What a convenience to get X-rays in her office! I was uninsured, paying out of pocket for my appointment. Dr. Alex's fees were very reasonable. 

I highly recommend Dr. Alex without reservation! She is a highly competent and thorough clinician, a very good teacher and listener, and most importantly: She is EFFECTIVE!

Duncan Hopkins MS, NP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner 

CA license# 23712

NPI 1033233754

Bolinas, CA

To my great fortune I met Alex Weibel several months ago when she moved her office to the San Rafael Creekside business complex where my office is located. 

I have suffered from an arthritic hip for several years, which has restricted my physical activities. As an active person, this handicap has greatly impacted my life. To avoid surgery, I have tried everything to appease my pain, private trainers, physical therapy even acupuncture. None of these approaches gave me extended relief. 

Alex has successfully been able to help me with her understanding of muscle relationships. I was amazed and saw results immediately. Alex was able to identify which muscles were compensating for others & correct this with massage techniques that resulted in muscles working, as they should. Alex has given me exercises I can do on my own to mitigate discomfort. The success of exercise in conjunction with cold laser therapy treatments has given me hope that surgery is not my only recourse. 

Thank you!

Deborah Pennington

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Alex Weibel, D.C., DACBR, and to encourage you to utilize the radiological service that she provides.  Alex was not only a very bright and successful student and graduate of Life Chiropractic College, she was employed by the college in the Health Center radiological department where she interpreted findings and assisted Interns in the application of professional practices related to their patients radiographic findings.  Alex also presented seminars for the college’s Continuing Education department and was extremely effective in blending her knowledge of actual cases from the Health Center to practical applications to the field practice.  Her intelligence, experience and practical knowledge will be a valuable benefit to your practice growth and effectiveness. 

George Casey, D.C., Assistant Professor, Life West

I was referred to Dr. Weibel due to pain in my right shoulder. I am a welder and have had pain there for about 7-8 years. Every time I moved my shoulder I got pain, a loud clicking noise and I couldn’t bring my arm too high up. Nothing that I tried helped with my mobility or pain and I tried a few things: 2 different chiropractors, massage. When Dr. Weibel told me it’s the muscle I was skeptical. She first started working on an area beneath my shoulder blade and most of my pain was on top of the shoulder, not where she worked first. Well, what she did felt like nothing I have ever experienced before. Throughout the 4 sessions she eventually worked on the top of my shoulder where her strokes became effective, reproducing my original pain and eventually getting rid of it. Now 4 sessions later (about 1.5 hours each) I am 90% better and can move my shoulder all the way up to my head and it doesn’t click. If you have chronic pain and have tried many things and nothing seemed to work, try what Dr. Weibel does.  

Steven Nguyen

Doctor Weibel asked me about how the treatment that she gave me helped me. 

This is how it went: I had an upper and lower back pain. I had been going to a chiropractor for about a year and I got to be honest it helped me for a while but since the pain was still there I went to Dr.Weibel, explained my situation and she told me that my pain was muscular.

I did not believe her at first. She started working the area I had pain in and after only two sessions I was all well. I had to admit, it was like a miracle since I am again doing the staff I love to do such as Insanity workout.  

Thank you Dr.Weibel

Nelson Escobar

Alex provided a great service from the moment I contacted her. She was
able to see my son very quickly, diagnose the problem, and provide
clear guidance on next steps. I had many questions about which
treatment might be best before we even met up with Alex. She was
extremely helpful and is obviously an excellent doctor. I would
recommend Alex to anyone who needs x-rays, interpretation of x-rays,
or advice on how to recuperate after breaking a bone.

Mark Oliver

Dr. Alexandra Weibel is by far the best, most effective healer I had ever been treated by.  Her approach, technique and genuine care is immeasurable and far exceeds any doctor or therapist I had been treated by in the past. 

I am 36 years old male with a young family who needs me in good physical condition.  Over the last couple of years I have been suffering with back pain that increased to a crippling state after a trip and stumble.  I was in pretty bad shape for about 6 months following the stumble event.   

After multiple visits to the doctor I got an MRI which identified the smoking gun as a moderately severe degeneration disc narrowing at L4-L5, with a moderate size disc extrusion right paracentral, extending into the lateral recess, approximately 9MM pushing into the L5 nerve root. 

There were other issues at L5-S1 which was described as moderate degenerative disc disease.  Also bilateral facet arthritis was identified at L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1.

At that time I was in and out of the doctor office where my doctor (DO) prescribed Prednisone which really made my temper increase and was ineffective to the pain.  I was treated by an acupuncturist, massage therapy and a couple of Chiropractors.  Everything helped to relieve the pain for a short period of time and nothing was lasting until I met Dr. Alexandra Weibel.

I was treated by Dr. Weibel and the following day when I woke up and the pain that had been crippling me was 75% gone!  I could walk easily and the only pain I felt was a small annoyance down my leg.  The tingling in my foot that was constant was down to 20% of the time.  I had no limp and the softball feeling in my right glute that was excruciating was long forgotten about.  I no longer need Vicodin or Motrin to reduce the pain.   

Since my initial treatment I returned for a couple more visits with Dr. Weibel and am feeling better and better every single day.

Thank you Dr. Weibel for your fantastic care and your dedication to your healing work. 

God bless,

-Steve W.

Dr. Alexa Weibel has changed my life.  I met her in crippling pain, crawling into her office, writhing all night in spasms and cramps, suffering in the accumulated damage from a lifetime of untreated forceps injury done at my birth.  So often back operations fail horribly.  Patient and compassionately Alexa took me through the pain and trauma. Now I can walk, dance, lift, and sleep, oh blessed sleep!  I have referred many suffering people into the dedicated and skilled hands of my dear Dr Weibel, and each person has been grateful.  I have sent my massage therapist friends to her for advanced training in her effective healing techniques.  Don't suffer, don't do drugs and surgery, let the good Alexa rub the pain away.  Thank you so much Dr Weibel. 

Blessed be to you all from Reverend Joey Talley